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JINXREMOVING is a zine edited and most of the time written and complied and filled with art by me, arpad crisis. it started out in high school as a punk rock fanzine, but quickly turned into some sort of mix of COMETBUS (which i hadnt read at the time) and LOVE AND ROCKETS (which i had). over the course of the last four years, there have been ten issues, the most recent of which (number six) you hopefully have in your possession. if not, it is available online. in fact, heres a whole mess of purcahsey information:

JINXREMOVING number six is available from the following fine chicago locations:

3244 north clark street
(clark street about a block north of belmont avenue)
chicago il 60657

1854 west north avenue
(north avenue two blocks east of where north, damen street, and milwaulkee avenue cross)
chicago il 60622

3157 north broadway avenue
(broadway less than a block south of belmont avenue)
chicago il 60657
1532 north milwaulkee avenue
(milwaulkee avenue about two blocks or so south of damen street)
chicago il 60622

you can also order number six online from QUIMBY'S at

the three half-issues of JINXREMOVING (5 1/2, 5.667, and 5.8973) are all on the shelves at CHICAGO COMICS.

its also possible but not really probable that issue 5, the super emo opus of an issue is available from THE COPACETIC COMICS COMPANY in pittsburgh, found online at

whats next?
i just finished my first article for EYEMACHINE, a british e-zine at, and hopefully will be doing more with david in the future. I also have sketchy plans for JINXREMOVING: coming next should be the yuppie issue (a fanzine for yuppies! just what the world needed, am i right?), then an issue about sex, THEN a big issue about applying the punk rock tenants i grew up with to my grown up life (i am excited about this one..), then the issue from last winter that never came out, written and constucted in the sattellite of love in wicker park. after that, who knows?
speaking of who knows, i have vague plans for a special one shot called MISANTHROPIC RETAIL WORKER, stories and anecdotes and tips and overheard conversations from the retail life weve all come to love and hate. email me shit. please.
furthermore, i'll be reprinting the sixth issue of JINXREMOVING soon so that THE LOOP DISTRO ( and maybe CH DISTRO ( can carry it. if you act fast, you can convince me to mail one to you, too. FREE!
there's also the almost never updated account i have on ARTCONSPIRACY,, and my comic book rantings as a member of the AMERICAN ELF forum.

i hope you like the comics, i hope you dig the zines, and as always, if you have any submissions, or just want to drop me a line, feel free.
arpad crisis

shannon nonfiction, for everything. alicia allyn, for everything else. mom, for always not reading my comics when i asked you not to. chase, rose, and everyone else on the short bus, for the beginning. dank. cheez. mikro diamond. nads of fury, in its own way. all the exes and would bes for the fuel for the fire. andrew v.susie queue and zach. caitlin. tom. seth emily. everyone else at chicago comics. duane, for the honesty, if nothing else. unquiet mind. artconspiracy. jordan and against me. blake schwartzenbach and aaron cometbus, for more than either of them will ever know. jaime hernandez, james kochalka, and evan dorkin. all the people out there reading this page that i dont know about. all the people i do. and for everyone whos accepted the offer of a "free fanzine" in the shop, on the street, at the show, or wherever.