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one. i wrote this first comic as sort of way to put together a lot of thoughts bouncing around in my brain at the time. my girlfriend had dumped me, i was turning into a drunk, i was pretty fucking unhappy. hence the title ANGST PLUS SAFETY PIN. my original plan was to make a shitload of copies and just stick them in the front of free newspaper boxes, the way NADS OF FURY did it. i made a comic and a shitload of copies, and chickened out at the last minute. i still have most of the origianl comics, except for a select few hanging on people's walls.

three. the bottom line of panels was cut off in the first self-published version. i was terrified of really opening up to the girl in question, and she read the comics, so i cut it out. in retrospect, i didnt really do a good job illustrating what i was trying to say, but for completeness' sake, here it is.

four. a minicomic i put up on the first A+SP webpage and then took down because it wasnt a real full comic. also a true story.

five. this is the first time anyone's ever seen this but me. i guess this one was done during my senior year of high school. i dont really remember much of anything from that time except for feeling this way in this class.

six. this is another "never been seen" comic. ive worked for anti-flag in the past, and hung out with their housemates, but i still never got the story behind "anti flag means free weed."

seven. a lot of rumors floated around about me and lacy, the girl in this comic, when it came out. people misread the word "relationship," and i had to put in a little disclaimer that by "relationship" i meant "the interaction of two people of the opposite sex." ah, high school.

nine. first printed in JINXREMOVING number five.

fifteen. i worked in whole foods for exactly three days before having a small and somewhat unrealted breakdown and quitting. the only other job that made me mental was working as a telemarketer for a few months. one sunday morning, they had me calling tennesse (from pittsburgh) to collect money for the local public broadcasting network. can you imagine calling rich southeners on a sunday morning? i cant even begin to think about the kind of finacial damage that mustve done to the tv station. anyway, this was probably drawn on the second day there. the kid was some kid that i saw all three days skating in the parking lot, who always told me to "rock on." go kid.

eighteen. im quite satisfied with my drawings of chinatown. that was a very nice / very sad day. i never wound up sending the shit i bought the girl.

twenty. i was as wrong about this as i was about me and caitlin.

twentyone. drawn long to fit on artconspiracy. i really, really love this comic. i think this is one of the best conclusions ive written to date.

twentytwo. in homage to the great james kochalka. also one of those questions that just plagues me.

twentythree. i dont really like this.

twentyfour. i really dont like this.

twentyfive. alright, alright, alright, i know im jumping on the cartoonist bandwagon, but those opening lines (which, i swear to god, is verbatim) were too good to pass up. in light upon the stupidity of the nation, and i think ive got a story no one else has told. so sue me.

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